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Idle Heroes Life Hacks That REALLY Work

Idle Heroes has been one of the most popular mobile games around the world for years so, no surprise, many people search online for cheats and hacks for Idle Heroes that will shortcut their experience and get them to the end game faster.

What I wanted to do is making a full list of really useful life hacks that will help you progress faster in Idle Heroes without putting your account at risk

I did check out many of them and want to show you here which ones do work and which ones are nothing but a waste of time.

Let us start.

Life Hacks in Idle Heroes

Here are my results which hacks work in Idle Heroes and which ones do not.

Life Hack #1 – Don’t Waste Time With Generators

Let’s start with the probably most-promoted hack out there, the hack tools (often also referred to as generators).

You enter your player tag or name and the amount of Gems and Gold you need and they transfer it to your account. Sounds too good to be true? Well, like any other thing in the world that sounds too good to be true, in Idle Heroes it’s the same. They don’t work, no matter how they look, and you shouldn’t waste your time with them.

Life Hack #2 – More Wins in Crystal Crown League & Events

In Crystal Crown League there’s a simple hack that will let you win without big problems. You find an opponent that you can beat and then you lose the first match against him.

idle heroes win all matches

Now you can revenge that opponent 9 times for a secure victory and then lose again – you can repeat that as long as you have token and secure yourself a nice load of Gems, Magic Dust and Monster Souls. This also works great for events.

Life Hack #3 – Carry Hero

Although it looks like Idle Heroes is all about building a strong team, the truth is you can progress a lot faster if you focus on one hero that will carry your team and use all the resources you can to upgrade that hero instead of spreading those resources on multiple heroes.

maxed penny idle heroes

The fastest progress is done if you can max out a hero like Penny, Geruda, Valkyrie, Cthuga or Horus. Those are the heroes that you want to put all your effort in right from the start and you will see that you will have a lot faster progress instead of slowly building up your team.

Life Hack #4 – Guild War Battle time Bypass

You can save yourself some time by bypassing the 0:20 battle timer for Guild War matches with a simple hack. As soon as you started a battle you need to close the battle screen and …tadaaa… the battle is over and there’s no timer and you can start the next one.

idle heroes skip battle timer

Life Hack #5 – The Tavern Quest Lock Hack

You can lock-in quests in the tavern that you want to save for later and you should lock the 6-Star and 7-Star quests in between events in Idle Heroes as they are very rare and help you a lot throughout the events.

idle heroes lock quests

It’s worth it even though you will see less fresh quests during the regular quest refresh.

Life Hack #6 – Faster Gems from video ads

You can get 100 free Gems every day from watching your 5 videos – the annoying part is that they all last 30 seconds and you will need to spend the time to watch them. Do you? Not really actually, you can force close the Idle Heroes app and then open it up again and you will find the 20 Gems for watching the video in your mailbox.

idle heroes gems for watching ads hack

We all know how annoying it gets watching the same ad over and over again so this is a very helpful small hack 🙂

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