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Idle Heroes Best Heroes Per Faction

Developing heroes in Idle Heroes is a business that is hard and takes a lot of time – so, spending all that on the wrong heroes can be pretty devastating. I have here the best heroes for every faction that you should into your team, depending on what kind of hero you need.

All heroes here on the list are outstanding and shouldn’t be trashed.

The Best Heroes To Get In Idle Heroes

How to read the list? You will see the BEST 3-4 heroes by faction for Idle Heroes below. So, just when one is the fourth hero he is still the 4th-best in his faction and every single hero shown here in this article is worth getting!

Best Shadow Heroes In Idle Heroes

best shadow heroes in indle heroes

Corpsedemon used to be the very best here, but with the recent changes he is not the best but still a very solid option and can still help out your team a lot, so if you have him upgraded don’t think you wasted time and still use him if you have none of the other ones above in your team).

The role as best shadow faction her in Idle Heroes got taken over by Kamath – quite tanky with decent speed and nice overall stats. However, his biggest upside is for sure that he can petrify multiple enemies which will help out a lot.

These two heroes will make your end-game game, however, if you’re not there yet and search for the best shadow heroes to make it in the mid-tier, I recommend you to go with Blood Blade or Walter. Blood Blades hitpoints has been nerfed quite low and his phenomenal damage also decreased, yet, still a really great option unless you get one Corpsedemon or Kamath. Walter can be a great option with crazy crits and a great help for your team.

Best Fortress Heroes In Idle Heroes

best fortress heroes in idle heroes

Many players don’t discover the real power of Emily until they have her at 10 Star, but be sure that she is an AMAZING hero at 10s, so do not stop upgrading her early in the game. Her speed buff, the hit debuff on the enemy will give you such a huge advantage as speed is everything in PvP 🙂

Iceblink is probably one of the easiest top tier heroes to get in Idle Heroes and a great option for you, especially when his passive get boosted a lot at 8 Star+ that makes him a nice option in slot #1 with the ability to tank, cc and also deal decent damage.

With Sigmund you will get a hero with incredible high armor and survival abilities and his damage buff stacks infinitely, so round by round his hits get harder and harder and will be a huge pain for every enemy. Ormus offers above-average basic stats for a healer plus his passive skill that will really make him a great option – now add his special skill that fires against backlined enemy heroes and then heal all your team member over round for the dealt damage!

Best Abyss Heroes in Idle Heroes

best abyss heroes in idle heroes

The one and only Barea is the best hero you can get from the Abyss Faction in Idle Heroes, for sure. His health is just crazy high and with every turn he steals armor that will grow that health pool even further plus the amazing damage with insane crits make him a must-have.

Skerei is outstanding in all upgrade stages with her passive ability to place a mark that will multiply the damage dealt on that hero that will help you one-hit them out of the battle.

Especially in mid-game Queen is working amazing but gets a little less powerful at end-game when the health pools will rise a lot, still, her debuff to reduce crit and decent stats make her a great option for her team (she’s just not a god at the end-game, “only” a very solid hero).

Karim is also performing exceedingly well in many situations and pull out some really good damage so if you do not have any of the other 3 Abyss heroes, you are not wrong taking him 🙂

Best Forest Heroes in Idle Heroes

best forrest heroes in idle heroes

Demon Hunter is the best hero for PvP in Idle Heroes due to her immune and speed plus solid damage output, no one will doubt that! Vesa, however, has a higher damage output that can one-shot half of the enemies health bar and great all-round abilities with good heal.

If you look for a great support, Rosa will help you suffer less damage and also buff your attacks making it a great addition for your team and worth maxing 🙂

Heart Watcher is an extremely strong hero for PvE with her stacking debuff she will perform a great support for your team – however, in PvP not that useful after all.

Best Dark Heroes in Idle Heroes

best dark heroes in idle heroes

Mihm is without any doubt one of the best – if not THE best – heroes in Idle Heroes! His passive ability will deal 200% damage to all enemy heroes when one of your heroes dies, so he will just take out whole teams when they take down your team easily!

Dark Arthindol is very strong with her petrify ability that can take out the enemy slot #1 hero for one turn, paired with a solid health pool and great AoE petrify make her an extremely strong addition to your team.

Best Light Heroes in Idle Heroes

best light heroes in idle heroes

Asmodel deals a ton of damage and is one of the best damage dealers in Idle Heroes. With that being said there’s not that much more to say about him, but that makes him a great option for your team 🙂

Surprisingly tanky and with a nice health pool, Michelle will give your team a nice hand with her aura and fits in every team composition. Rounding the list up with Faith Blade, a hero that deals amazing damage, has great cc and every kill will give him another 100 energy.

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